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Privacy Policy





This Privacy Policy specifies the rules of processing personal data collected by Online Store available at www.carlabimmo.com (hereinafter referred to as 'Online Store').



Personal data collected by CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska via the Online Store is processed pursuant to Art. 13 sec. 1 and 2 of the Regulation (EU) of the European Parliament No 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 for protecting natural persons regarding the processing of personal data, free movement of data and repealing directive 96/46/WE (General Data Protection Regulation), also known as GDPR.



CarLabImmo takes great care to respect the privacy of the customers visiting the Online Store.

§ 2 Type of collected data, purpose and legal basis



While using the Online Store website, additional information may be collected, in particular: IP address assigned to the Customer's computer or an external IP address of the Internet Service Provider, domain name, type of web browser, time of access, type of operating system.



Navigational data may also be collected from the Customers, including information about links and references that they decide to click on or other activities undertaken in our Online Store. Legal basis – legally justified interest (Art. 6 sec.1.1f of GDPR) which facilitates using electronic services and improves the functionality of the services.



In order to determine, investigate, and execute claims, data given by the Customer for using the functions of the Online Store may be collected, such as: first and last name, data regarding the use of services, if the claims result from the way in which the Customer is using the services, other data necessary for the purpose of proving the legitimacy of the claim, including the scope of suffered loss. Legal basis – legally justified interest (Art. 6 sec. 1.1f of GDPR) with a purpose of determining, investigating and executing claims as well as defending against claims in investigations before courts or other state authorities.



Providing personal data to CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska is voluntary, regarding entering into sales agreements, agreements for providing services via Online Store Website, with a reservation that not providing certain data in the forms during the Registration makes the Registration and account creation impossible, and in case of making an order without Customer Account Registration, it will make it impossible to make and process the Customer's order.

§ 3 Who has the access to the data and how long is it stored for?



The Customer's personal data is made available to providers of services used by CarLabImmo for conducting the Online Store. The service providers who receive the personal data, depending on terms of agreement and circumstances are either subject to CarLabImmo's commands regarding the purpose and means of data processing (processing etities) or independently determine the purposes and means of processing (administrators).



a) Processing entities. CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska makes use of providers who process personal data solely on the commands of CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska. These include: hosting service providers, accounting services, entities providing systems for marketing, systems for Online Store traffic analysis, systems for analysing the success of marketing campaigns;



b) Administrators. CarLabImmo makes use of providers who do not act solely on command and independently set purposes and means of using the Customer's personal data. They provide services of electronic payments and bank services.



Location. Service providers are located mainly in Poland and other countries of the European Economic Area (EEA).



The Customer's personal data is stored:



a) In the event that the basis of personal data processing is the consent, the Customer's personal data is processed by CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska until the consent has been revoked, and after revoking the consent for the period of termination of claims that CarLabImmo may file and claims that may be filed to CarLabImmo. Unless a specific regulation says otherwise, the period of termination of claims lasts ten years, and in case of claims for periodic benefits and claims connected with conducting business – three years.



b) In the event where the basis for processing the data is the fullfillment of the agreement, then the Customer's personal data is processed by CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska for the time required for the fulfillment of the agreement, and after this time for the period equal to the period of claim termination. Unless a specific regulation says otherwise, the period of claim termination lasts ten years, and in case of claims for periodic benefits and claims connected with conducting business – three years.



Navigational data may be used for the purpose of ensuring better service for the Customers, the analysis of statistical data and adjusting the Online Store to the Customers' preferences, as well as managing the Online Store.



In the event of receiving a demand, CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska makes the personal data available to the appropriate state authorities, especially organisational units of Prosecutor's Office, Police, President of the Data Protection Office, President of Competition and Customer Protection Office or the President of Electronic Communications Office.

§ 4 Cookies mechanism, IP address



The Online Store uses small-size files, called cookies. CarLabImmo saves them on the device of an individual who is visiting the Online Store, provided this option is enabled by the internet browser. A cookie file usually contains domain name from which it originates, its 'expiration time', and a unique, randomly generated number identifying this file. Information gathered from cookies help customise products offered by CarLabImmo to the personal preferences and actual needs of individuals visiting the Online Store. It makes it possible to create general statistics of visits for a given products in the Online Store.



CarLabImmo makes use of two types of cookie files:



Session cookies: after a browser ends a session or a device is turned off, the stored information is removed from the memory of the device. The session cookies mechanism does not allow to download any sort of personal or private data from the Customer's devices;



Persistent cookies: files are stored in the memory of the Customer's device and are kept there until they expire or are removed. The persistent cookies mechanism does not allow to download any sort of personal or private data from the Customer's devices.



CarLabImmo uses its own cookies to:



authenticate the Customer in the Online Store and to ensure an open session for the Customer in the Online Store (after logging in), thanks to which the Customer does not have to log in and type in the password each time a new subpage of the Online Store is entered;



perform analyses and research, study the visits on the website, and most importantly create anonymous statistics that help to understand how the Customers use the Online Store website, thanks to which the structure and content of the website can be improved.



CarLabImmo uses third-party cookies to:



present the Certificate by Rzetelny Regulamin using the website rzetelnyregulamin.pl (third-party cookies administrator: Rzetelna Grupa sp. z o.o., based in Warsaw).



The cookies mechanism is safe for the Online Store Customers' devices. It is particurarily safe from viruses and unwanted or malicious software. However, internet browser give Customers the possibility of disabling or limiting cookies on the devices. If this option is selected, using the Online Store will still be possible, besides the functions that inherently require cookies.



Instructions on how to change cookie settings of popular internet browsers can be found below:




 Internet Explorer web browser;



 Microsoft EDGE web browser;



 Mozilla Firefox web browser;



 Chrome web browser;



 Safari web browser;



 Opera web browser.



CarLabImmo may collect the Customer's IP addresses. An IP address is a number assigned by an Internet Service Provider to a device of an individual who is visiting the Online Store. IP address enables access to the Internet. In most cases it is assigned to a device dynamically, which means that it changes each time a user is connected to the Internet. That is why it is treated as general, non-personal identification data. IP address is used by CarLabImmo to diagnose echnical issues with the server, create statistical analyses (e.g. to determine what regions make the most visits), as information helpful with managing and improving the Online Store, in security matters, and in identification of unwanted automatic software for browsing the content of the Online Store which may lead to server overload.



The Online Store contains links and references to third-party websites. CarLabImmo bears no responsibility for these websites' privacy policies.

§ 5 The rights of the persons related to the data



The right to revoke a consent – legal basis: Art. 6 sec. 3 of GDPR.



a) The Customer has the right to revoke any cosent given to CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska



b) Revoking the consent takes effect the moment the consent is revoked.



c) Revoking the consent does not affect the processing made by CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska according to the law before its revoking.



d) Revoking the consent does not entail any negative consequences for the Customer, however it may make it impossible to make further use of services of functions which, according to the law, CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska may provide solely with a consent.



The right to object to data processing – legal basis: Art. 21 of GDPR



a) At any time, the Customer has the right to raise an objection – for reasons connected with their specific situation – to processing their personal data, including profiling, CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska processes their data based on a legally justified interest, e.g. Marketing products and services of CarLabImmo, keeping the statistics of using the functions of Online Store as well as facilitating the use of Online Store and satisfaction survey.



b) Resignation via email message from receiving marketing messages regarding products or services will mean that the Customer raises an objection against processing their personal data, including profiling for these purposes.



c) If the Customer's objection is valid and CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska will not have any other legal basis for processing the personal data, the Customer's personal data, for which the Customer raised an objection, shall be deleted.



The right to delete data ("the right to be forgotten") – legal basis: Art. 17 of GDPR



a) The Customer has the right to demand deleting all or some personal data



b) The Customer has the right to demand deleting personal data, if:



a. the personal data is not necessary anymore for the purposes for which they were collected or processed



b. the Customer revoked a certain consent, to the extent in which the personal data were processed based on his consent;



c. the Customer has raised an objection agains using their data for marketing purposes;



d. the personal data is processed not according with the law;



e. the personal data are to be deleted for the purpose of fulfilling the law obligation set out in the EU law or in the law of a member state to which CarLabImmo is dependent;



f. the personal data has been collected for the purpose of offering the services of information society



c) Despite demanding the deletion of personal data, with regard to raising an objection or revoking a consent, CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska may keep certain personal data to the extent in which the processing is necessary for the purpose of dermining, investigation or defending claims, as well as to fulfilling the law obligation requiring the processing according to the law of EU or the law of a member state to which CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska is dependent. It particularily includes personal data containing: first and last name, email address, which is kept for the purposes of reviewing complaints and claims regarding the use of services of CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska, or additionally address of residency/address for corespondence, order number, which is kept for the purpose of reviewing complaints and claims connected with concluded sales agreements or service provision agreements.



The right to limit the processing of data – legal basis: Art. 18 of GDPR



a) The Customer has the right to demand limiting the processing of their personal data. Filing a demand, until its review, makes it impossible to use certain functions or services, the use of which will involve processing data connected to the demand. CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska will not send any messages, including marketing messages.



b) The Customer has the right to demand limiting the use of personal data in the following cases:



a. when the correctness of their personal data is questioned – in such case CarLabImmo limits its use for a period necessary for checking the correctness of the data, however not longer than for 7 days;



b. when the data is not processed according to the law and the Customer demands limiting its use instead of deleting the data;



c. when the personal is no longer neccessary for the purposes in which they were collected or used but necessary for the Customer to determine, investigate or defend the claims;



d. when the Customer raised an objection against using their data – in such case the limitation takes effect for the period necessary to analyse whether – considering an unusual circumstance – protection of interest, laws and freedoms of the Customer outweighs the interest that the Administrator is executing by processing the Customer's personal data.



The right to acces their data – legal basis: Art. 15 of GDPR



a) The Customer has the right to receive a confirmation from the Administrator whether the Administrator processes personal data and, if that is the case, the Customer hs the right to:



a. obtain access to their personal data;



b. obtain information of the purpose of processing, type of processed data, its recipients or types of personal data recipients, planned period of storing the Customer's data or the critieria for estimating such period (when estimation of the planned data processing period is not possible), about the rights that the Customer has according to GDPR as well as the right to file a complaint to a supervisory body, about the source of the data, about the automatisation of decision-making, including profiling and protection used regarding to providing this data outside the European Union;



c. obtain a copy of their personal data.



The right to correct the data – legal basis: Art. 16 of GDPR.



a) The Customer has the right to make a demand to the Administrator to immediately correct their personal data which are incorrect. Taking into consideration the purpose of its processing, the Customer connected to such data has the right to demand editing incomplete personal data, including by filing an additional statement by sending it on the email address according to § 7 of Privacy Policy



The right to move the data – legal basis: Art. 20 of GDPR.



a) The Customer has the right to receive their personal data which were provided to the Administrator, and then move the data to another personal data administrator of the Customer's choice. The Customer may also demand their data to be sent by the Administrator directly to such administrator, provided that it's technically possible. In such case, the Administrator will send the Customer's personal data in the form of a file in csv format, which is commonly used, fit for machine reading and making it possible to send the received data to another personal data adminstrator.



In the event that the Customer executes their right according to the above-mentioned regulations, CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska fulfills a demand or disagrees to fulfill it immediately, but not later than within one month from receiving it. If, however, - due to the complicated nature of the demand or the number of demands – CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska is not able to fulfill the demand within a month, the demand will be fulfilled within next two months, informing the Customer within one month from the day of receiving the demand – of the intention to extend the period and the reasons for it.



The Customer may file complaints, inquiries and requests to the Administrator regarding processing their personal data as well as exercising their rights.



The Customer has the right to make a demand to CarLabImmo regarding the provision of copies of standard agreement clauses by making a request in a manner set out in § 7 of Privacy Policy.



The Customer has the right to file a complaint to the President of Data Protection Office, regarding breaching the Customer's rights to data protection or other rights granted by GDPR.

§ 6 Security management - password



CarLabImmo Iwona Piotrowska grants Customers a safe and encrypted connection while providing personal data as well as during signing up to Customer Account on the Website. CarLabImmo uses SSL certificate granted by one of the most prominent companies in the world in the field of security and encryption of data transferred via Internet.

§ 7 Changes to Privacy Policy



The Privacy Policy can undergo a change. CarLabImmo shall inform the Customers 7 days in advance.



Questions regarding the Privacy Policy can be sent to the following address: tomek@carlabimmo.com



Last updated: 25.05.2018

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